Fitness Evaluation

When purchasing sessions with a Kinesiologist, the first scheduled will be your fitness evaluation. Both you and your Kinesiologist must know your baseline values to later track progress and quantify your objectives. The evaluation can be summed up as follows:

Fitness and Health Evaluation (CSEP)

PAR-Q and consent forms

Vital signs: blood pressure reading and resting heart rate

Anthropometric measures: weight, height, waist circumference, body mass index (BMI), skinfolds, fat percentage

Cardiovascular test on treadmill or bike to determine oxygen consumption

Musculoskeletal measures: push up test, sit-up test, flexibility, leg power, plank test

Analysis of results by comparing to age/sex norms

Counselling on what needs to be improved and how to achieve it

In a second session, a plan will be made based on your evaluation and fitness level. Additionally, your first exercise plan will be shown and executed by you.

Yearly Plan and prescription of exercise

Personalized plan based on fitness and health evaluation, and client’s availability and objectives

Demonstration of exercises and analysis of movements

Following your first session, your kinesiologist will want to see you weekly or bi-weekly depending on your health, fitness, goals, motivation, etc. These sessions will be vital for accomplishing your objectives and progression.

Weekly/biweekly check-ups

Anthropometric, musculoskeletal measures retaken as necessary

Demonstration of exercises and analysis of movements

Counselling and re-evaluation of goals and objectives

One-On-One Personal Training

For all your health and fitness goals we have a program for you! We provide a spectrum of programs based on your health, fitness and activity level.

Fitness Packages

Studio Package - 1x/week with Kinesiologist

Penthouse Package - 2x/week with Kinesiologist

Fitness Loft Package - 3x/week with Kinesiologist

Individual Sessions

1 hour Fitness Evaluation

1 hour with Kinesiologist

10 hours with Kinesiologist

20 hours with Kinesiologist

Who can benefit from our services? Anyone! We can help those who are suffering from a number of health issues or training for something specific…Check out the list below to see how Le Fitness Loft can help you!


High Blood Pressure



Sports Performance

Weight loss

Muscle Gain


Police test preparation

Ambulance technician preparation

Triathlon/Marathon/Spartan Training

Our facility offers sessions in a welcoming and private environment where it’s all between you and your Kinesiologist. The Kinesiologist will structure each session to keep you motivated and strive to reach your goals.

Come in today to speak to a Le Fitness Loft representative!

Corporate Training

Exercise and the workplace; a new, up and coming trend! Whether you’re looking for increased productivity, bringing health and fitness to your employees, or just looking for a team bonding activity, Le Fitness Loft, Clinique de Kinesiology has the solution for you.

Services include

Employee trainings

In house services

Gym management

Exercise during work shifts

Team bonding activities

To learn more about corporate services, contact us today!


MAT is a revolutionary manual therapy that uses a systematic approach for evaluating and treating muscular imbalances that contribute to injury. It provides a unique look at the muscular systems role in injury and offers a quick assessment in order to pin point areas of weakness. MAT looks at how abnormal mechanics in one joint may affect motion around another joint. By restoring proper muscle mechanics and function; pain and the risk of injury is decreased. Also, MAT prepares the body for exercise by increasing its capacity to handle physical stress. If all muscles are working synchronously around a joint, mechanics are optimal and the likelihood of injury is reduced.

What makes MAT different?

Tightness is a common word we hear that refers to a restricted range of motion around a certain joint. Typically, the solution is techniques such as stretching or massage. MAT views this restricted motion with a paradigm shift; tightness is secondary to weakness. Therefore, the body tries to protect areas of weakness and positions of instability by guarding such areas with tightness. MAT focuses on treating the underlying weak muscles and achieving optimal joint function that can be described by mobility and stability.

What can you expect from your session?

An MAT treatment always begins with a comprehensive biomechanical assessment that looks to find muscular imbalances and areas of instability. Once weaknesses are found, the practitioner will evaluate the neurological integrity of the muscles through specific muscle tests. When muscles are inhibited, precision palpation is used to activate them. At the end of the session, isometric exercises may be given to you to reinforce muscles.

Does MAT treat pain?

MAT does not treat pain. MAT treats areas of weakness that may lead to pain, discomfort and limited range of motion. By activating muscles, range of motion usually becomes greater and compensatory patterns are eliminated; therefore, pain is reduced.

Who benefits the most? Is it for everyone?

Everyone can benefit from efficient mechanics and optimal muscular system. Muscles become inhibited from stress, trauma, and overuse. Left untreated, the body develops compensatory patterns for motion to occur. In the long run, these compensatory patterns may lead to the degeneration of joints or other types of injury.

MAT and Rehabilitation

Often called the missing link in the rehabilitation industry, MAT fills the void! Traditional strengthening exercises are prescribed in many cases. However, if there are underlying muscle inhibitions, exercise will only reinforce muscles that are already strong and be ineffective for the weak ones. Therefore, imbalances are magnified as the strong get stronger and the weak stay weak. By treating the weaknesses, MAT increased the effectiveness of other modalities and decreases the length of the recovery process.


Are you looking to adopt a healthier lifestyle? Le Fitness Loft is the place for you! The highly skilled and caring Loft kinesiologists can help you achieve your goals, no matter what they are. I’m a long time lofter and I tell anyone who asks why I train here that “Mathieu has changed my life.” Growing up, I was never athletic. I never felt at home in a gym. About 10 years ago, as I was cycling along with some friends, and barely keeping up, I fell off the bike. That was a wakeup call. I was annoyed, but this motivated me to get fit. I met Mathieu not long after.

Mat’s encouragement, training, advice and even the butt-kicking, when needed, have pushed me to do things I never thought possible. Four years ago, I was in a very different place. I was under a lot of stress; so much stress that I ended up with two herniated discs. I didn’t think I’d ever work out at the level I was used to. But, with the customized programs, MAT, physio and osteo, I’m in better shape than ever. I’ve competed in 15 Blackout Races, something I’d never thought was possible. I even did my first half marathon. The best part? I feel great! No aches or pain in the morning. The only soreness I have is post workout, and those are the best because they remind me how hard I worked! The Loft is my happy place.

Le Fitness Loft also has an excellent dietitian, Zeina, who can help you with your nutritional goals. Lastly, the sense of community at the Loft is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced in any other gym environment. I’ve made new friends and it feels wonderful to be a part of a community of like-minded folks who like to work out, but also like to have fun.

Sonia Ruivo

THEY'RE THE BEST!!! Laura completely changed my relationship with fitness and I continue to work towards my goals in such a healthy way.

The environment there is comparable to no other gym. Every trainer (and the fab dietician) is friendly and welcoming and it's just such a great place to go work on your fitness goals (and feel so good the whole time). I honestly would recommend them to anyone, irrelevant of their fitness goals and their starting point. I've gotten numerous friends and family hooked. I can honestly say they're the perfect match for anyone.

Tanya Scott

This is, hands down, the BEST gym in town. I’ve been a Lofter since the day they opened and I have never looked back. Run and founded by three young kinesiologists, this place has it all, personal training, nutrition, MAT therapy, and an environment that provides a real sense of community. I can’t think of a better way to reach a fitness goal than by working with a trainer who takes the time to get to know you, has the ability to help you overcome weaknesses and work through injuries, and knows how to keep you challenged and motivated. I recommend this gym to my friends all the time!

Johanne Ladner

Outstanding Nutrition counselling by Zeina Khawam. Long term objectives, no pressure. I'm enjoying my lifestyle like no time before.

Bassam Agha

I'm training with Mathieu Beauchamp for 7 years. He is very professinal, listening, motivating and extremely competent! I am proud to be a client of Le Fitness Loft from the very beginning! 
Congrats to the whole team. You are awesome!

Christine Demers

The Fitness Loft challenge and the last 2 days have made me realize how fortunate I am to be part of the Fitness Loft experience and why I'm still with my trainer Mathieu Beauchamp eight years later!!!! I walk out of there and I just feel good, no matter what shape or mood I am in before I walk into the Loft! As simple as that, I feel good! Experienced Kinesiologists with big smiles, kind hearts, wicked sense of humour and dedicated to our well being. Add fab clients many of whom I now call friends to the mix and there you have it....Le Fitness Loft! So I'm just going to keep training with Mathieu and feel good!

Louise McKenven

Everything about this place is great!!! Great people, great atmosphere, tough workouts!

Yves Cormier

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