Memberships & Group Classes


After completing your health evaluation and having proper guidance from your trainer, Le Fitness Loft welcomes you to a gym membership! You can use the gym as often as you wish and see your trainer at least once a month to get new programs and instruction.

Group Classes

Achieve your goals with a group. Our group classes allow you to pursue your individual goals while training with like-minded individuals. We’ve combined the individual attention and personalization of personal training with the motivation of training in a small group.

Classes & programs


Whether you are looking to relieve stress or just relax. Our massage combines a large varitey of techniques designed to soothe and recharge you.  Massage therapy is part of a healthy lifestyle and can help in a number of different areas including helping to relieve stress and anxiety, relax muscles, relieve tension headaches, enhance & maintain good health, stimulate circulation, and overall rejuvenation.   


Looking to take your game to the next level? Our programs begin with a full analysis and evaluation of the components of a client’s swing, biometrics, strengths, and weaknesses. Thereafter a personalized program, designed by a kinesiologist, will focus on the key factors of the game: speed, power, mobility, stamina, and injury prevention. Le Fitness Loft’s team of in-house experts, including kinesiologists, Athletic Therapists, Osteo, and TPI screening will be sure to result in improved overall health and an enhanced round of golf. 


Look no further this is the best solution, for all businesses large or small, looking to boost their productivity and employee satisfaction!

WHAT OUR Members

"Le Fitness Loft is so much more than just another kin clinic or gym, it is a team of highly qualified and experienced kinesiologists absolutely laser-focused on helping people achieve their goals. I recommend these professionals without reservation to anyone who feels the need to get moving, who is striving to achieve a health or fitness goal, or who is looking for an outlet to relieve


“La formule de Fitness Loft est personnalisée pour chaque client, il n’y a pas de copié-collé. Tout est pensé et ajusté en fonction de TES besoins. Tu ne te sens pas comme un « numéro » mais plutôt comme un athlète. Et aujourd’hui, c’est à cause de cette rencontre, que je peux vivre et non survivre aux douleurs chroniques. Ma qualité de vie s’est améliorée et ça, c’est beaucoup grâce à Mathieu.


“I was looking for someone who studied the body, its different functions and someone who could help me gain strength while respecting my body’s limitations after many years of competitive dancing. Linda was a guiding light during my years of the various stages of policing schools by getting me in the best shape of my life and helping me maintain that strength. She is now helping me through a new adventure which I find has both its challenges and amazing moments; staying fit during my pregnancy. If you are hesitating about Le Fitness Loft, don’t.”


“You are the BEST team ever!!! Training with Laura for 14 years. Laura est une super kinesio , une excellente psychologue qui a réussit à me faire apprécier l’exercice et surtout à réaliser les bienfaits d’être active peu importe ce que je fais. Finalement juste apprendre à bouger chaque jour. Mission accomplie Laura!”


“I’ve been a member of the Loft for over 5 years. The entire staff are very knowledgeable, professional and conscientious. They will prepare a training program tailored to your needs, ability and objectives. They will then, over time, modify and enhance that program as your needs evolve. Over the course of the past 2 years, I’ve lost 11 kilos, that have stayed off. Since I’ve joined the Loft, I feel stronger, I have more stamina, and just in general feel in much better shape. The Loft is more than just a gym. It’s a home away from home that is staffed with professionals that care!”